Victoria Hunch

Victoria Hunch, a ghost, was killed during a military intelligence mission. She was 19 at the time.


Victoria Hunch died on a top secret mission. She was at the top ranks of her caste. Many years after her death, the Academy learned that she had a mysterious past, and, interested in uncovering her mysteries, they sought after her ghost. Since her return to the Material Plane 19 years ago, Victoria has been spending her days pranking unknowing passer-by’s. When asked to join the Academy, she was reluctant. Since she had no recollection of her past, she didn’t know what mysteries they could uncover, and she was rather good with secrets. After much pestering, she agreed. In school, she didn’t make many friends; people didn’t tend to find ectoplasm attractive, except for pac-man. So, Victoria led a very lonely life at school. While in school, Victoria made top marks, not always honestly.

Iron Will
Armour Proficiency (Light and Medium)
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Pistols Firearm Proficiency


After graduation, Victoria moved to Rhodivand.

Victoria Hunch

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