Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane

Elf Noble- Dilettante.


str: 8 modifier: -1
dex: 12 modifier: +1
con: 6 modifier: -2
int: 15 modifier: +2
wis: 10 modifier: 0
cha: 16 modifier: +3

I messed around with the numbers a bit since our last meeting, so I’m unsure of my hitpoints and saves. should be easily fixed, though… just don’t remember how…

I decided to change my weapon, but as I don’t understand the system we’re using for purchasing items, I’ll have to fix this later too. but I do have related stats.

melee: total attack bonus 1
ranged: total attack bonus 3

… nope, nothing here figured out…

class feats:

  • armor proficiency (light)
  • simple weapon proficiency
  • exotic weapon proficiency
  • pistols firearm proficiency

racial feats:

  • martial weapon proficiency (longsword, rapier, longbows, shortbows)

since I have no weapons as of now… this is slightly useless. if I understood everything correctly, though, I also have two feats of my choosing.

other feats:

  • negotiator: +2 on diplomacy and sense motive
  • persuasive: +2 on bluff and intimidate

class ability
social favor (x2)

psychic latency: one psychic power for free
family ties: can ask for favors (money, safe passage, etc) from family
grace: immune to disease


Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane was born into nobility, but prefers to associate with commoners, as she finds them interesting and much more fun. She lives for her friends, using her ties to nobility to help them (and to find adventures). As much as she hates to admit it, she is able to manipulate people with little or no effort; however, she tries not to abuse this ability (exceptions include sweets, places to sleep, food, and other random items). Though she is a fragile being, she thirsts for adventure and constantly seeks it out. Whenever she has free time, she will wander aimlessly anywhere… and will often fall into small pits or get stuck or lost. While waiting for someone to rescue her, she will sit patiently, contemplating the meaning of life or simply counting frogs as they pass by.
As a child, Eadoin was not allowed outside the boundaries of her family’s woods unless she was at the Academy. Insatiably curious, she would often try to escape, only to be caught at the gates. Once, three years before coming of age, she managed to escape successfully, and spent an entire afternoon exploring… only to be found stuck inside a hollow log. After this experience, she became increasingly bored with the life she was born into, and resolved to cut all ties when she graduated; this did not happen entirely. She now maintains contact with her family, but does not openly flaunt her noble birth, afraid that it would alienate her from her commoner friends. (however, she does talk in her sleep… and she gets quite talkative when treated to too much ale… so her closest friends do know of her noble blood ties.)
She invites the use of nicknames.

Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane

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