Eloquent Empire

... Don't even go there

Our adventurers were last at Rinuyu University, where they picked up a document to deliver back to Count Reyns. When they left the university, they saw their old friends from Sruthani Academy, who had been on a different mission. They met up and talked for a while (after Fritz made sure no one could hear them), and filled each other in on what had happened. While neither parties trusted the other completely, they came to an agreement and decided to stick together while they remained in Ibito. Andrastos, Victoria, and Edy, who had caught up with them, wanted to make good on their responsibilities and get the document to Count Reyns as soon as possible. As they walked through town, they saw a paper boy putting newspapers on a stand, and they picked on up. The headline read Traitor Duchess Executed.

After reading the article, they discussed the implications of what they learned, and all of a sudden, after being quiet in a corner for a few minutes, Fritz suddenly looked pale and faint. He was too weak to stand, so Santiago, the strong bear hybrid, carried him to a nearby abbey, where a monk examined him. The monk never really gave a direct answer, leading Fritz to the answer himself. Eventually, after there was nothing more to do for Fritz, the parties decided to head back to Agycur.

Everyone boarded the Tranquility and met the crew, Cari the mechanic, Captain Mitch, Tuck the Pilot, Shri the first mate, Maddy the … public relations, and Samuel the medic. Some of them explored the ship while others took a nap. A few hours later, when they were in the mess hall eating dinner, a few of them heard sounds up on the bridge. Mitch led a few of his crew and some of the party up to the deck, where several pirates had boarded the ship and another ship had latched on to Tranquility. After a long fight, and near death for some of the crew, Cari managed to sabotage the pirate’s engine, and Tuck unlatched the two ships. The pirates still on the other ship panicked and tried to save their ship, while most had fallen into the ocean below, and still more fell before the attacks of the party and crew.

Another uneventful day passed, and the party arrived in Thorid, Agycur, where they split back up and went their separate ways.

So Much To Do, So Little Time
And half the people to do it

We pick up with Andrastos and Victoria, as Ardo has gone to Orham to talk about his dual-employment, and Edy has gone to Thorid for a baby shower.

Andrastos and Victoria arrived in Tulduroc in the evening, and quickly ventured out to Suto-san’s house. When they arrived, they found an obviously Ibitonese man and woman, a questionably Ibitonese, flamboyantly dressed man, and an Agycurian woman packing. The Ibitonese woman welcomed them in, and introduced herself as Kohoko Takaoji. She introduced her companions, Ikuya Minamoto, Marianna Blasek, and Noritaka Suto. Andrastos and Victoria delivered the message from Alisia, which was a suggestion to remove the Duchy of Agycur from power by physically removing the family from Farrain, i.e., kidnap them. Her note included a basic schedule of the guards at Callen Palace. They decide that they will go to the World Fair in Illias, first, as they had been intending, so as to draw less suspicion, and then head to Farrain, with a more definite plan.

Andrastos and Victoria want to help speed up the process, and stay to help pack. They get to know the others a little better, and then spend the night in a spare room. They leave the next morning at 7 for Illias, to retrieve Count Reyns’ files.

They arrive in Illias the next morning, and went straight to what used to be the Agycurian Embassy in Gallision, but was currently changing departments. They retrieved the files and found lodgings for the day. They wandered around a bit, and saw a large, sleek-looking ship in the harbor. When they inquired about it, they learned that it is a luxury cruise-liner, meaning that it’s purpose is entertainment, not transportation. Unfortunately, it was not available for tours until the next day, when the World Fair officially started, so Andrastos and Victoria decided to go find a lively, less … upstanding club and have some fun. And so they did. A few ghosts were there, and Victoria quickly became … well known to them, and Andrastos met a very handsome panther hybrid, although he didn’t remember much of the meeting the next morning, when he woke up next to said panther.

After they had both woken up and cleaned up, which meant it was about midday, they headed back to the luxury ship and went on a tour. After that, they headed back to their lodgings, but met Suto-san and Kohoko on the way. They explained that they did intend to get Alisia out of Farrain, but not her family, and that they would like their help. Andrastos and Victoria agreed, and Andrastos offered the use of his airship. They set a time to meet in the morning, and headed their separate ways.

The next morning, they all met up, as agreed, and went to Farrain, arriving there in the late afternoon. Andrastos had some trouble piloting his airship, so he sent it to the shop for repairs. He and Victoria then delivered the files, and informed Alisia of her friends’ presence(s). Alisia asked them to meet her in the morning in her private parlor. Soon after that, they received an invitation to dinner the next day from Empress Sargonia herself, which they couldn’t refuse.

In the morning, they met with Alisia and she told them about the plan for her escape, if they would help. They told her about the dinner party with Sargonia, and were worried that they might be mesmerized. Alisia seemed resigned and said that even if they were mesmerized, this was her only chance, and she didn’t think the Empress would kill them. She asked them to go to the gatehouse shortly before 9 p.m. and lead the others to Count Reyns’ office. Alisia would be waiting for them there, and they would then just run as fast as they could out of there, as that seemed to be the only option. Andrastos offered his airship to them, which would be ready that evening. Alisia was very appreciative of this. Andrastos and Victoria agreed to the plan and checked on his airship, just to make sure, then headed to the private dining hall.

The dinner party went well, as far as they know. A few others were there, who were also recently hired. Only one will save was rolled, and it didn’t change their behavior, so they assumed that everything was normal in their heads. After the dinner party, they went to the gate house.

Shortly before 9, Ikuya and Kohoko appeared, after a large thud which was Ikuya failing to successfully climb the gate on the first try. Andrastos and Victoria led them to Count Reyns’ office, where Alisia was waiting, and the three disappeared into the night. Andrastos and Victoria then headed back to their lodgings for the night. In the morning, they checked on his airship, only to find that it wasn’t there. Good. They went to Count Reyns’ office to see if he wanted anything from them. He did. He had been planning on going to Ibito to retrieve some research documents from the government facility there, but something very urgent had just come up and he couldn’t leave. He seemed very frazzled and worried. He asked Andrastos and Victoria to go get them, and told them that an airship from the government fleet had already been prepared for the journey. They headed off to Ibito.

The journey was uneventful, and they arrived in the port city of Rinuyu two days later. When they went inside the government facility’s office, someone was already waiting for them with the research. The person who gave it to them asked for their opinion on it, so Andrastos gave it a try. He looked at the document she handed him, but was unable to read it. Victoria looked at it, and was able to read it as if it were in Common. Here is what it said:

“To combine the planes:

Call upon the natural force and draw your strength into the chalice. The Grand Druid will call upon the almighty Obad-Hai, who will represent the residents of the Outer Planes.

_Ethron took the power from the chalice to seize the power of Obad-Hai and kill him. He perverted the ritual and closed the planes forever. It was all I could do to weaken him. He won’t be a threat for some time.

I can feel my strength leaving me …_

When Victoria was able to read it, the woman was amazed. She told them that no one had been able to decipher it before. She told them that what they saw was a transcription off of some ancient ruins. Andrastos and Victoria thanked her and left. That’s where we stopped.

A Series of Awkward Events
Got drunk, partied, and got a job

Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane and Victoria Hunch woke up in Farrain on March 12, and decided to go to the bar. At 9:00 a.m. By 11:00 a.m., they were both drunk out of their minds. Eadoin (Edy) passed out, and since Victoria was a ghost and couldn’t, she just got more and more drunk. Eventually, Edy woke up with a huge headache, and Victoria dragged her to the apothecary across the street. They got a concoction that made everything better. They went back to Edy’s parents’ mansion and got ready for Tiabherna’s ball.

The three of them (now including the late sleeper: Ardonen Silvester Strous-Kennish) went to the ball and met Count Nicham Reyns and his diplomatic guest, Andrastos Meanti, a white bengal tiger hybrid from Myorcini. When asked about his opinion of the recent political events, he said “I believe Empress Sargonia has the best interests at heart for everyone in Agycur, and that she can bring us to new heights that we couldn’t reach before.” They felt a kindred spirit in Trosides, and confided in him everything they learned from Principal Arkady, and he joined the party. The party learned, from mingling, that it was disconcerting that Duchess Alisia was not present, the Minister of Public Health’s funeral was that morning, and that Empress Sargonia was very attractive. After some time of mingling, Count Reyns approached them again, and asked them to become his assistants in his office (he works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). After explaining that he wouldn’t need their help very often, but he does need some extra hands on occasion, they agreed to meet in his office the next morning.

The party wound down and they went back to Edy’s house to sleep. The next morning, they got up and went to Count Reyns’ office. In the hallway, they saw a young woman in her pajamas trying to pick the lock on Count Reyn’s office. Count Reyns recognized her as Duchess Alisia, and invited her into his office, not noticing that she was trying to break in. As the party walked past, she said, “I need to talk to you later.” In his office, he drafted the final paperwork, and then asked them if they wouldn’t mind travelling to Illias to get some files for him from the Agycurian Embassy there. While Edy was distracting him, Alisia managed to get a file marked: Sargonia’s Old Files: Authorized Personnel Only. They told Count Reyns goodbye and went to a conference room with Alisia to talk.

She asked the party what they knew about Sargonia, and they told her what they knew. She then opened the files, and pulled out a long list of names, one headed Gallisian, one Manchagian, one Utian, and a much shorter one Ibito. Some of the names on the lists had stars next to them. On the Gallisian list, they found the name Bespredel, unstarred, and the name Marianna Blasek, which was starred, but the star was crossed off. Alisia recognized it then as a list of the Vor, an underground organization. At the top of the list was the name Remus Migrus, who Alisia explained was Sargonia’s right hand man. She then explained a few things.

A year and a half ago, her friend Marianna came to her for help, with three Ibitonese refugees, Noritaka Suto, Ikuya Minamoto, and Kohoko Takaoji, who needed a place to stay. Alisia helped them get settled in Tulduroc, and helped them integrate into the community. Then Empress Sargonia showed up at their doorstep and tried to take Noritaka’s (as she calls him) research about the origin of psychic powers. When they resisted, she used Mesmerism on them. All but Noritaka were subdued, and he managed to snap them all out of it. When she was foiled, Sargonia tried a different method: she threatened his friend, Alisia. She named Alisia’s family the ruling family of Agycur, thus placing Alisia under her thumb, and when Alisia refused to help Sargonia, she placed her under house arrest. Alisia didn’t know what else had happened to them.

Alisia then asked them to help her as she tried to resist Sargonia. Though it took some convincing, the party agreed, and Alisia asked them to send a message to her friends in Tulduroc. The party decided to take the message themselves, and came up with an excuse to travel in that direction. Edy remembered that her relative was having a baby shower in the nearby city, Thorid, and Andrastos was helping her get there in his airship. Victoria was going with her as a friend, and Ardo was travelling back to Orham to check in where he really works.

A Quest Ordained
Not as action-y as it sounds

Albert von-Heinrich Keitel, Ardo, Countess Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane , Fritz, Ironsides, Rork Thunderholm, Santiago, and Victoria Hunch gathered in Principal Ioseph Arkady‘s office in Sruthani Academy in Orham, Agycur, on March 10th, 638 A.G.C. There, Principal Arkady told them of the Academy’s involvement in the fulfillment of Empress Sargonia’s goal of international cooperation and progress. He asked them to deliver some research the Academy had done to Empress Sargonia in Farrain, and to do some field research when they had finished this task. They all graciously agreed.

Principal Arkady asked to speak to Countess Eadoin, Ardo, and Victoria in private, and relayed to them some concerns about the political situation in Agycur’s capitol, Farrain. A friend and former student, Bespredel, who worked for an underground organization called Vor, had informed him that the leader of Vor, Romulus was planning on betraying Vor to further a political agenda. A few weeks later, Principal Arkady received word that Bespredel was executed on the grounds of plotting against Romulus. In addition to that, the Minister of Education, when responding to an inquiry about a delayed response, hinted that serious political developments were occuring, and that he may not be the Minister of Education for much longer. Principal Arkady asked them to focus on finding out what’s happening with the government rather than working on the field research, and they agreed. Eadoin’s family left a message with Principal Arkady that she was invited to the coming-of-age ball for her cousin, Tiabherna Cyna Edalane, on March 12th, in the Grand Lodge in Farrain.

When everyone left the school (after some dallying), they went to the only bar in town. Ironsides had to wait outside, since “clogs” weren’t allowed inside. When the party had gotten settled, the daily newspaper was delivered, with some interesting news. The headline read: Agycur Annexed by Gallision. The full article is available here.

At the bar, the party learned that a foreigner who lives in Tulduroc is a scholar studying the psychic powers, the bartender’s son had the flu last week, the newly-crowned Innes family had been missing from their home in Tulduroc for about a week, and that the family of the Minister of Public Health, who was a native of Orham, was in mourning in Farrain. Ironsides learned from the other C.O.G.s (to be called cogs, for convenience) about a exclusive club for cogs in Farrain, and that he could learn useful information from the head cog, Steelhorn.

The next morning, the party took Principal Arkady up on his offer of free transportation to Farrain, and off they went. They arrived in the city in the middle of the afternoon, and set up an appointment with Empress Sargonia, through her rather snotty secretary, for March 12, at 3:00 p.m. As this conflicts with Eadoin’s cousin’s ball, neither Eadoin, Victoria, nor Ardo will be able to attend the meeting.

Upon leaving, the party explored the city for a bit. Ironsides and Santiago went to the cog club, and spoke to Steelhorn, who told them about two cog clans, Cognomen and Cognition. He also said that Empress Sargonia was somehow connected to Cognomen. Fritz went to the morgue with Albert, in an attempt to find cadavers to dissect, but was turned away because they were too “busy”. Rork went to a park and began to set up camp, since he prefers sleeping out of doors, but one of the city law enforcers informed him he could not camp on public property without the proper permit. Rork decided he’d go to the outskirts of the city, instead. Victoria, Eadoin, and Ardo went to find Eadoin’s family, and spent the night in their home. Eventually, Ironsides, Santiago, Fritz, and Albert either joined Rork or went to a nearby affordable lodge, the Green Thumb, for the night.

From here on out, the party has been split.

Field Researchers (for lack of a better name): Albert von-Heinrich Keitel, Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph II (Fritz), Ironsides, Rork Thunderholm, and Santiago

Investigators (for lack of a better name): Ardo, Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane, and Victoria Hunch

To Whom It May Concern
An invitation to Sruthani Academy


I hope this letter finds you well. Sruthani Academy, myself included, is very proud of your accomplishments since your graduation, and we hope you look back on your time here fondly. Recently, an allied nation has instigated a world-wide intellectual revolution, which the Academy intends to be involved in. We ask that you, one of the most talented of our alumni, return to the Academy to help us make our institution one of the leading institutions for progress in the world. If you are interested, please come to my office on March 10th, 638 A.G.C.

Best wishes,
Ioseph Arkady
Principal of Sruthani Academy


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