Ibito was founded in 97 A.G.C., but was not recognized by other countries as a nation until 112 A.G.C., at the first International Convention of Representatives. It is the largest island nation in Calleria.

Gallision conquered Ibito on January 23, 637 A.G.C., effectively turning Ibito into an organized incorporated territory, with the exception of Seyahi, the former capitol of Ibito, which is an special administrative zone of Gallision (similar to real-life Hong Kong).

Ibito is composed of three main islands, Ibito, Rinuyu, and Kogu. The islands were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, with the last eruption in 0 A.G.C., the eruption of Mount Yamaza on Rinuyu. Due to its geology, Ibito experiences frequent earthquakes, the majority of which are minor.

The Ibitonese climate is moderate, with four distinct seasons.

Most of the land is fertile, but the land is too difficult to cultivate because of the mountains, so the economy is mostly industrial, and the main export is steel.


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