Helpful Backstory Info

When you think about your character, take these things into consideration.

You are a recent graduate of Sruthani Academy in Orham, Agycur. You have graduated no more than 3 years prior to the start of game. For more information about how the education system works, see The School System.

You lived in Orham, Agycur for the years that you attended Sruthani Academy (4 years), but you may have lived in any other country before or after that.

Those countries are, in relation to each other per continent:

The Gallisian Continent

Eulis Gallision

Escur Agycur

The Manchagian Continent

Rhodivand Norivica Manchagius


The Utian Continent

Utia Itanthium

Tharcand Sibannius Parymnias

Island Nations:



Many of you are choosing countries equivalent to real world countries, so here’s the full comparison:

  • Espetrana = Italy/Southern Spain/Portugal (even though it’s almost the northernmost country in the world)
  • Eulis = The United Kingdom
  • Gallision = The United Kingdom/Western Germany/Spain/France
  • Escur = Switzerland/Poland
  • Agycur = Scandinavia/Denmark/Poland
  • Liborcon = Finland/Poland/Denmark
  • Rhodivand = Germany/Austria/Hungary/Czechoslovakia
  • Norivica = Belgium/Switzerland
  • Manchagius = Russia/Germany
  • Amea = Latvia/Lithuania/Romania/Georgia
  • Utia = Egypt/Iraq/Iran/Pakistan
  • Itanthium = Turkey
  • Tharcand = Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Oman/Egypt
  • Sibannius = Khazakhistan/Pakistan/Uzbekistan/Western India
  • Parymnias = Greece/Turkey
  • Ibito = Japan/China/Mongolia
  • Myorcini = Crete/Mycenae (hence the name)
  • Sparabyus = Sicily/Sparta
  • Lucenthene = Iceland
  • Salisis = Sardinia/Sicily

Languages: The Gallisian continent, the one which the party starts on, speaks Common. Everyone in the world is familiar with Common, but not necessarily fluent. You speak Common. If you are from the Manchagian continent, you speak Manchagian as well. If you are from the Utian continent, you speak Utian as well. If you are from an island nation, you speak Ibitonese as well. You are all fluent in Common, because you attended Sruthani Academy.

Starting Level: Since you attended an elite school and have graduated, you start at Level 3. That means you get to choose another feat as well as whatever bonuses your class gets between the levels 1 and 3.

Divine Relations: The Inner Planes, the Transitive Planes, and the Material Plane have been cut off from the Outer Planes. For clarification, there are six Inner Planes: the Elemental Planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, the Negative Energy Plane, and the Positive Energy Plane. The Transitive Planes are the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and the Plane of Shadows. The Material Plane is the plane in which humans and Eldrath are natives. The Outer Planes are the homes of the gods. See Map. ALL gods live on the Outer Planes, which means that all divine intervention is suspended, and no one can communicate between the two planes. Therefore, the Ecclesiast vocation in the Occultist class does not exist.

Relations between the Races(Nota Bene: this is just a general description; your character may be different):
Humans created two new races: the Hybrids and the C.O.G.’s, and they get along pretty well. The Eldrath, however, have a strong aversion to Humans, who have greatly altered the world to suit themselves and who treat the Eldrath as inferior. The Revenants only appeared a few hundred years ago, so the rest of the races are still wary of them, although they have been accepted as a part of the world.

History: This world evolved from the D&D world that you’re used to (i.e. the 3.5 races, gods, planes, classes, monsters, etc.) It used to be “normal” 3.5 D&D, and then stuff happened that spurred the industrial revolution, the Revenants appeared, and the humans fell out with the Eldrath (mostly because of the industrial revolution). Therefore, all of the equipment from the 3.5 books may be found in this world (depending on the mood of GM’s), as well as all of the monsters (at least, those that haven’t been hunted to extinction or died out).

Helpful Backstory Info

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