Agycur was established in 209 A.G.C., splitting off from Gallision after Escur, the country to the north, in between Agycur and Gallision, also split off. It is mostly flat, with plains and hills, except for the western border with Gallision, which is composed of a mountain range.

As of March 9, 638 A.G.C., Agycur is an organized incorporated territory* of Gallision, under the rule of the Emperor/Empress of Gallision, with a provisional government.

Agycur experiences mild winters and cool summers, as it is surrounded on all sides but one by water. The mountainous region in the west experiences harsher winters with heavier snowfalls.

The main industry of Agycur is agriculture, as the majority of the land is very fertile, and the climate allows for multiple planting seasons.

*The definition of “organized incorporated territory” is taken from the wikipedia page.


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