Marianna Blasek

A down-to-earth mechanic with a soft spot for intellectuals


Marianna kind of got swept up in all of this without really doing anything. She helped a scholar and his friends escape the war in Ibito, and found herself on the run from … well, she doesn’t really know what she’s running from. All she wants to do is make machines, and live a quiet life, but fate seems to have other plans for her.


Marianna grew up in a small town in Agycur, and has a knack for machines. Over time, her work got better and better and she decided to go look around at machines in other places. She travelled to Ibito, not really caring that there was a war going on, and found a scholar, his noble patron, and a psychic desperately trying to escape, but she couldn’t really understand what they were escaping from, other than war. She helped them get back to her home country, but … her small town wasn’t too accepting of foreigners, so she went with them to Tulduroc, a slightly larger, more progressive city that would hopefully accept them.

Marianna Blasek

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