Kohoko Takaoji

A bubbly telepath


Kohoko is very friendly and feminine, and loves hanging out and talking more than anything else. She’s also intelligent and telepathic, which makes her conversation enjoyable, whether it’s in your head or not.


Kohoko comes from Rinuyu, Ibito, where she worked with Suto-san on his research. She was often the subject of his study, since she had psychic powers, which are slowly fading in the world. Suto-san sometimes annoyed her with his extreme focus on his research, so she was glad of Ikuya’s presence.

When Sargonia came looking for Suto-san’s research, she fled Ibito with the other two, and settled in Tulduroc, Agycur, where she became good friends with Alisia.

Kohoko Takaoji

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