Ikuya Minamoto

A flamboyant, overenthusiastic noble


There are not words for Ikuya. He loves people, and for the most part, people love him. Although he seems to be a natural charmer, he’s more of a goofball around people he trusts. Around women, he puts on a sweet and romantic persona. He has a huge ego, immediately warming up to anyone who compliments him and breaking down whenever insulted. His personality is best described as child-like, but he has a serious side that he shows whenever someone is in trouble.

He would go to the ends of the earth for his friend, Noritaka, and one of two to call him by his given name and survive. Some speculate that he and Noritaka may have a special kind of relationship, although that is unconfirmed.


Ikuya is half-Ibitonese, half-Espetran, and lived in Rinuyu, Ibito. No one knows how he met Noritaka, but he attached himself to the serious scholar, and financed his research. When Sargonia threatened Noritaka and his research, Ikuya fled with him and Kohoko Takaoji to Tulduroc, Agycur.

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Ikuya Minamoto

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