Andrastos Meanti


Character Details
Name: (Nyan) Andrastos Meanti
Level: 2 Wizard, 5 Wizard Class: Genius, Vocation: Scholar
Race: White Bengal Tiger Hybrid
Age: 22, Hair: White with black stripes
Eyes: Blue, Handed: Ambidextrous
Height: 6’ 2", Weight: 220 lbs

Abilities Feats Class Abilities Languages Traits
Str: 6 (-2) Simple Weapon Secret Uncovered Common Legendary Beauty
Dex: 14 (+2) Skill Focus Savant Myorcine Cultural Legacy
Con: 12 (+1) Prodigious Gift
Int: 20 (+5)
Wis: 6 (-2)
Cha: 10 (+0)
Class Skills

Bluff: 10 (Cultural Legacy, Skill Focus)
Spell Craft: 11
Craft: 8 (Expression)
Linguistics: 11 (Savant)
Diplomacy: 11 (Bonus Feat: Negotiator)
Drive: 5
Forgery: 8
Perception: 9
Knowledge: 10 (Behavioral Sciences) (Additional Training)
Knowledge: 12 (Politics) (Educated) (Additional Training)
Knowledge: 13 (History) (Educated) (Additional Training)
Knowledge: 10 (Occult Sciences) (Additional Training)
Pilot: 5
Profession: 8 (Alienist)
Sense Motive: 4 (Bonus Feat: Negotiator)

Saving throws
Fortitude: 2
Reflex: 3
Will: 12 (Secret Uncovered)
Attack bonuses
Melee: -1
Ranged: 3
Initiative: 2
AC: 16
Wealth Bonus: 13
Reputation: 3

Feats, Class Abilities, and Traits
Simple Weapon
Skill Focus: +2 to one Class Skill (Bluff)
Bonus Feats
Educated: +2 to 2 Knowledge Class Skills (Politics, History)
Negotiator: +2 to Diplomacy and +2 to Sense Motive
Class Abilities
Secret Uncovered: +2 to Will Saves
Savant: + level to Decipher Script
Legendary Beauty: +2 to Reputation and 19/20 natural rolls on Charisma-based checks as an automatic win when interacting with characters attracted to my gender
Cultural Legacy: +3 Bluff
Additional Training: + 4 Skill Ranks

Weapons and Armor
Light Crossbow: Damage: 1d8, Crit: 19/20 x2, 80’, Ammunition: 60 Bolts
Leather Armor: Armor: 2, Dex Bonus: 4, AC Penalty: 0
Artisan kit/Professional Camera
Smoking Jacket
Noble Clothing
Explorer Clothing
Courier Clothing

Other Information
Defense Value: 5
Base Land Speed: 40’
Hit Points: 28


Andrastos Meanti enjoys his life, because it indeed supersedes expectancy, but loathes it, because he feels as if he read something similar in a cheap novel years ago.

From what his master Nobleman Sinclair Meanti tells, Andrastos was born on the miniscule island of Neko, one of the many islands that speckle the Outer Rim. When he was three, an arbitrary group of dogmatic vigilantes destroyed the village Andrastos belonged to, simply because the group believed the Hybrids deserved death because of their freakish nature. Seeing Andrastos, the group believed he would fetch a hefty sum as a slave because of the rarity of Andrastos; afterall, most beings never even see a White Bengal Tiger Hybrid in their lifetime. After killing his parents, who were soon to reach the end of their working age, Andrastos was chained and kidnapped. The one vivid memory he retains of this time is being slung over the shoulder of a large being and watching his village burn before his eyes.

Very soon after being kidnapped, Andrastos was bought by the highly affluent Nobleman Sinclair in Myorcini. Sinclair was rich and highly eccentric; his favorite past time was rolling down the steep hill in his courtyard. Nevertheless, Sinclair had a very soft and pure heart and bought the child immediately upon seeing him. Sinclair could not bear to see the innocent child chained up. Upon returning to his mansion, Sinclair told the boy that he was to help the other servants in his house but could come and go as he wished. Also, when asked about his name, the boy responded with the nickname his family gave him, Nyan. Sinclair had no idea what this meant nor could he properly pronounce it, so he gave the boy the name Andrastos, meaning undaunted. Apparently, the boy had not shed a single tear the entire time of his captivity. He then gave Andrastos his last name, the name of the household: Meanti.

Andrastos had no friends or family to speak of, so there was no where he could really go to when he wished. When he was not helping the two sweet old servants, Henrietta and Ruth, with chores and servant work, he kept to himself in the library. Sinclair valued knowledge above nearly everything else, and had a sizable library to prove it. Andrastos’ favorites moments in the Sinclair mansion were when either Henrietta or Ruth would rub his head while he fell asleep reading in front of the hearth in the library.

As Andrastos aged, Sinclair seemed to become sick with more frequency. One day, Sinclair told Andrastos that he had a condition where he could easily become sick, and had it ever sense he could remember. When Andrastos reached eighteen, Sinclair had finally become so sick, death was a release. Being that Sinclair had no children to inherit his money and property, he decided to write a will stating that a large portion of his money and bits of his property were to be donated to the local charity to use how they see fit, leaving Andrastos the remaining amount. Andrastos saw no problem with this, as the charity was a halfway house of sorts for refugees and people who had fallen on hard times. Though most of the money was donated, Sinclair left Andrastos an amount that he could comfortably live on for the rest of his life.

After Sinclair’s passing, Andrastos decided to work. The inheritance covers everything, but spending money is always great to have. Having no formal education and being a Hybrid, no one hired Andrastos. Indeed, many employers laughed directly to his face, thinking his seeking a job was an elaborate joke. Upon giving up searching for work, he became an Alienist, where his office is the study above the library that was never used. Though difficult to establish his name at first, Andrastos is now a massively celebrated Alienist in Myrocini.

Andrastos Meanti

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