Alisia Innes

A fairly pretty girl who got into trouble because of her friends


Alisia Innes is the Duchess of Agycur, and hates it. Don’t get me wrong, she loves dressing in finery and mingling with the nobility; she hates the reason she is there.

She’s 19 years old with a knack for diplomacy. She values her family and friends above all else, and will do whatever she can to help them.


Alisia helped some fugitives from Ibito settle in Agycur, and became close friends with them in the process. However, when Sargonia came looking for those fugitives, she and her family were used as a hostage to draw them out. Sargonia appointed them the ruling family in Agycur to keep an eye on the group of fugitives, and to control them.

Alisia Innes

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