Eloquent Empire


... Don't even go there

Our adventurers were last at Rinuyu University, where they picked up a document to deliver back to Count Reyns. When they left the university, they saw their old friends from Sruthani Academy, who had been on a different mission. They met up and talked for a while (after Fritz made sure no one could hear them), and filled each other in on what had happened. While neither parties trusted the other completely, they came to an agreement and decided to stick together while they remained in Ibito. Andrastos, Victoria, and Edy, who had caught up with them, wanted to make good on their responsibilities and get the document to Count Reyns as soon as possible. As they walked through town, they saw a paper boy putting newspapers on a stand, and they picked on up. The headline read Traitor Duchess Executed.

After reading the article, they discussed the implications of what they learned, and all of a sudden, after being quiet in a corner for a few minutes, Fritz suddenly looked pale and faint. He was too weak to stand, so Santiago, the strong bear hybrid, carried him to a nearby abbey, where a monk examined him. The monk never really gave a direct answer, leading Fritz to the answer himself. Eventually, after there was nothing more to do for Fritz, the parties decided to head back to Agycur.

Everyone boarded the Tranquility and met the crew, Cari the mechanic, Captain Mitch, Tuck the Pilot, Shri the first mate, Maddy the … public relations, and Samuel the medic. Some of them explored the ship while others took a nap. A few hours later, when they were in the mess hall eating dinner, a few of them heard sounds up on the bridge. Mitch led a few of his crew and some of the party up to the deck, where several pirates had boarded the ship and another ship had latched on to Tranquility. After a long fight, and near death for some of the crew, Cari managed to sabotage the pirate’s engine, and Tuck unlatched the two ships. The pirates still on the other ship panicked and tried to save their ship, while most had fallen into the ocean below, and still more fell before the attacks of the party and crew.

Another uneventful day passed, and the party arrived in Thorid, Agycur, where they split back up and went their separate ways.



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