Eloquent Empire

A Quest Ordained

Not as action-y as it sounds

Albert von-Heinrich Keitel, Ardo, Countess Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane , Fritz, Ironsides, Rork Thunderholm, Santiago, and Victoria Hunch gathered in Principal Ioseph Arkady‘s office in Sruthani Academy in Orham, Agycur, on March 10th, 638 A.G.C. There, Principal Arkady told them of the Academy’s involvement in the fulfillment of Empress Sargonia’s goal of international cooperation and progress. He asked them to deliver some research the Academy had done to Empress Sargonia in Farrain, and to do some field research when they had finished this task. They all graciously agreed.

Principal Arkady asked to speak to Countess Eadoin, Ardo, and Victoria in private, and relayed to them some concerns about the political situation in Agycur’s capitol, Farrain. A friend and former student, Bespredel, who worked for an underground organization called Vor, had informed him that the leader of Vor, Romulus was planning on betraying Vor to further a political agenda. A few weeks later, Principal Arkady received word that Bespredel was executed on the grounds of plotting against Romulus. In addition to that, the Minister of Education, when responding to an inquiry about a delayed response, hinted that serious political developments were occuring, and that he may not be the Minister of Education for much longer. Principal Arkady asked them to focus on finding out what’s happening with the government rather than working on the field research, and they agreed. Eadoin’s family left a message with Principal Arkady that she was invited to the coming-of-age ball for her cousin, Tiabherna Cyna Edalane, on March 12th, in the Grand Lodge in Farrain.

When everyone left the school (after some dallying), they went to the only bar in town. Ironsides had to wait outside, since “clogs” weren’t allowed inside. When the party had gotten settled, the daily newspaper was delivered, with some interesting news. The headline read: Agycur Annexed by Gallision. The full article is available here.

At the bar, the party learned that a foreigner who lives in Tulduroc is a scholar studying the psychic powers, the bartender’s son had the flu last week, the newly-crowned Innes family had been missing from their home in Tulduroc for about a week, and that the family of the Minister of Public Health, who was a native of Orham, was in mourning in Farrain. Ironsides learned from the other C.O.G.s (to be called cogs, for convenience) about a exclusive club for cogs in Farrain, and that he could learn useful information from the head cog, Steelhorn.

The next morning, the party took Principal Arkady up on his offer of free transportation to Farrain, and off they went. They arrived in the city in the middle of the afternoon, and set up an appointment with Empress Sargonia, through her rather snotty secretary, for March 12, at 3:00 p.m. As this conflicts with Eadoin’s cousin’s ball, neither Eadoin, Victoria, nor Ardo will be able to attend the meeting.

Upon leaving, the party explored the city for a bit. Ironsides and Santiago went to the cog club, and spoke to Steelhorn, who told them about two cog clans, Cognomen and Cognition. He also said that Empress Sargonia was somehow connected to Cognomen. Fritz went to the morgue with Albert, in an attempt to find cadavers to dissect, but was turned away because they were too “busy”. Rork went to a park and began to set up camp, since he prefers sleeping out of doors, but one of the city law enforcers informed him he could not camp on public property without the proper permit. Rork decided he’d go to the outskirts of the city, instead. Victoria, Eadoin, and Ardo went to find Eadoin’s family, and spent the night in their home. Eventually, Ironsides, Santiago, Fritz, and Albert either joined Rork or went to a nearby affordable lodge, the Green Thumb, for the night.

From here on out, the party has been split.

Field Researchers (for lack of a better name): Albert von-Heinrich Keitel, Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph II (Fritz), Ironsides, Rork Thunderholm, and Santiago

Investigators (for lack of a better name): Ardo, Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane, and Victoria Hunch



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